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Currently the program is restricted to year 7 & 8 boys across 7 secondary schools however, the potential to expand and improve the program is vast.  Increasing to 10 secondary schools and 5 primary schools and including girls would enable the program to reach and benefit an expanded audience.

A number of initiatives have been planned to increase impact, enjoyment and overall benefit.

  • RFU courses for participants and volunteers – First aid, refereeing, coaching
  • A league table comprised of efforts on and off the pitch
  • An incentivised pathway to play and stay with local club Southwark Rugby
  • One to one mentoring provided to selected pupils
  • Trips to watch a Premiership rugby match
  • School workshop on nutrition
  • More prizes and awards for participants
  • Food after each festival
  • All-stars team comprised of best players from each school to represent Southwark
  • Parental involvement/interest, this is key to the players continuing their development outside of the program
  • Photographing and videoing of events
  • Structured professional development for coaches
  • Free gumshields
  • All-year-round program
  • Expand so that each school can contribute 2 teams across 3 age groups – Year 7, 8, 9

More to explorer

Zoom Rugby Sessions

With no possibility of holding regular sessions at school or at Southwark Rugby Club we have organised weekly Zoom sessions every Sunday.

Latest League Table

Although no games have been played this season yet we have been able to calculate a table using points accumulated from off

Hoping to Return in February

The first festival of rugby slated for January 2021 has been postponed and we wait to see if lockdown will be lifted

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